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Be compliant and efficient when finding those first new hires!

Getting the right people in whose values align with yours can make or break a business.

Here's what I'll do for you beforehand.

Design you a bespoke Contract of Employment Template £199

Write you an employee welcome guide and the initial policies you need in place - again, bespoke, not stuffy! - £500

Creation of Job Descriptions for each new role and carry out pay/benefit benchmarking - £99 per role.

Assist in the recruitment process if required - from £125 per hour.


Here's what I'll do for you during the process

  • Produce and issue bespoke contracts - £20 per employee

  • Carry out proof of right to work in UK Checks - £50 per employee

  • Design and implement a new hire induction checklist and process to make sure people feel welcome from day 1 - £99

  • Take up references (Written x 2 per person) - £50 per person

  • Create an electronic HR file on a storage system of your choice at no additional charge.

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