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People Advice when you need it

24 hour turnaround guaranteed.

Areas Covered

  • Resolving issues informally and quickly

  • Confidential Sounding Board

  • Disciplinary, Capability, Grievance (ongoing casework)

  • Probation

  • Production of Bespoke Letters/E Mails

  • Employment Law & Application of policies

  • Family Friendly Leave (Maternity, Adoption, Paternity etc)

Click here if you need some of the above to be projects instead.


How you get your advice

This can be over Phone, E Mail, Teams/Zoom Calls or WhatsApp messages.



  • £249 - Up to 2 hours a month

  • £349 - Up to 3 hours a month

  • £449 - Up to 4 hours a month

  • £549 - Up to 5 hours a month

Unused hours can be carried over from the previous month but will expire at the end of the second month.

Additional hours used in a month will be charged at £125 per hour.


Duration of Subscription

Initially this will be for 3 months and then it will be on a 1 month rolling basis until notice is given by you, or us.

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