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Without a great culture people can't do their best work

Here's how I help you get this bit right so you can attract and retain the best people.

Areas Covered

  • Giving your business a bespoke people strategy that links directly to your overall vision, mission and plan.

  • Defining your Employee Value Proposition

  • Carrying out pay and benefit benchmarking including creating modern, sensible job descriptions when required.

  • Creating a great employee experience - from Induction and Onboarding to exit, including succession planning that's fit for the 21st century, and employee development and career planning.

  • Working with your Leadership Team and employees to establish your non generic values and making sure they're embedded across all areas of your business. (not just pretty posters on the reception walls!)

  • Undertaking pulse surveys (nothing lengthy!) to see how your current workforce feel about being at work and working with your senior leadership team to make positive changes in the right way to improve any retention, engagement and attraction issues your business may be experiencing.

  • Recommending and implementing positive engagement activities that fit with your culture and values (Note I don't organise your Christmas party!)

  • Provide ongoing coaching to your senior leadership team on how to get the best out of their people.



Please contact me for a bespoke quote as how much of the above you need me to do depends on the size of your organisation and what you've already got in place.

Prices start from £5995 and a typical project will be a minimum of 3 months

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