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People Healthcheck

For when you've already got some processes in place and you want to be assured that you're compliant with current legislation.

Areas Covered

  • Current Contract of Employment

  • Employment Status of everyone who works for you

  • Current employee policies

  • Contents of HR Staff files in line with GDPR regulations


How you get your results

Provided you give me access to all the relevant data (I'm always happy to sign an NDA) I will give this to you within ten working days for a cost of £249 in an easy to read report format with any recommendations.


What happens next

You can either implement the changes yourself if you feel confident, or I provide a "done for you" service where I make them on your behalf.

Cost is £199 for a new contract template and £500 for up to date policies.

The charge for updating electronic or manual staffing records is £99 per hour.

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