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My Mission &Values

My Mission is To Develop Great People Leaders to reduce employee turnover and increase wellbeing and profitability.

When I started looking at my business I thought about who I’d looked up to and admired and respected in the past. I realised that all my real life and fictional heroes and heroines had one thing in common – they were positive disruptors. That is, they didn’t accept conventional wisdom and went about doing things their own way, whilst changing their environment for the better.

Continuous Improver.jpg

Continuous Improver

I seek to continually learn and improve my knowledge. I learn from my mistakes and practice humility. I will believe in myself but be open to constructive criticism

Positive Disruptor.jpg

Positive Disruptor

I will always ask “why” and question things

I won’t be afraid to have difficult conversations when needed.

I will constructively challenge others and myself.

Purposeful Achiever.jpg

Purposeful Achiever

I use my time wisely to get results.

I am ambitious and want to make a positive difference in what I do.

I will be decisive and not f*** about unnecessarily.

Diversity Celebrant.jpg

Diversity Celebrant

I celebrate and respect people who are different to me. I will always look to find common ground and connection.


Do these values resonate?

Let me know what you think!

I've also helped Companies develop their values and vision to help create the right culture.

Real Human.jpg

Real Human

I will be my authentic self and march to my own beat.

I will do the right thing even when no one’s looking.

I will be there for people when they need me.

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