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Bespoke coaching and mentoring for your team

All business problems are ultimately leadership problems. I don't believe in delivering generic off the shelf training that's instantly forgotten about but instead working with your teams to coach and mentor them through issues that are relevant to your organisation with bespoke packages.

Benefits my programmes will deliver to you

  • Motivated employees that don't want to leave and work for the competition.

  • Everyone clear on goals and moving in the same direction.

  • Culture is defined and created

  • People leaders are confident in how to lead their teams including having difficult conversations.

  • Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and rewards.

  • A consistent approach is applied.

  • Improved employee communication and mindset

  • Meaningful data is shared with you and progress measured

... all of which leaves you with more time and money to focus on growing your business rather than dealing with staffing problems!


How I work with businesses

This is done using a variety of methods including

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Pulse Surveys

  • Personality/Psychometric Testing (Myers Briggs and similar)

  • Reports and brief presentations

  • Communications Plan

  • Action Plan



As you'd expect, prices are bespoke to an organisations exact size and issues but typically programmes start from £9995. This also includes unlimited access to me for HR advice during this time too if you don't already have your own in house HR team.


Duration of Subscription

Again, duration is down to the size and scale of the project but I would work with businesses normally for between 3-12 months on these types of project.

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