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GDPR & HR: A Good Partnership

I know one of the biggest fears of clients in the IT Sector is that around Compliance and Data Protection. I’m sure you read about the high profile case a few years ago where an adult site whose aim was to facilitate affairs was hacked and the details of people on there were leaked. You also have seen high profile data breaches like Equifax who, in 2017 paid $575 million out in compensation.

You also want to make sure that you maintain a good reputation and the trust of your clients who are trusting you with their personal data, and have people who are able to detect and deal with any new cyber security threats.

HR and Data Protection have, in my experience always worked well together and not just to work on Subject Access Requests. I partner with Data Protection Specialists who can make sure that you are compliant with the GDPR regulations and that you have privacy notices, and appropriate systems in place to avoid data protection breaches and that your people are trained so that they don’t just comply but go beyond that and are cyber aware and looking out for possible phishing attacks to your network.

It’s something that I definitely recommend investing in to give you that peace of mind that your reputation as a business remains intact.

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