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Doing HR Differently: Day 5 of 5: Getting Rid of Presenteeism

One positive that has come out of Covid-19 is that flexible working has accelerated. I always found working 9-5 slightly odd, but the current situation highlights it more.

Why ?

Some people in your Company may work better in the mornings, others later in the day. So if they’re in a role that’s not required to be there during call centre/shop/factory opening times, why not let them work flexibly. Measure the outputs of the individuals rather than the number of hours they spent at their desk that day.

If the Managers are fearful of “loosing control” and not trusting their team, find out why. Rather than impose some form of draconian rules on the whole team, why not just tackle the ones who are playing the system and trust everyone else to do what they need to. There will be busier days and quieter days in most roles but then people can adapt their hours to suit this too.

Allowing more flexibility means happier customers as you can have a team present answering phone calls and e mails over a longer period in the day than if you’d just made everyone work 9-5. This means you can catch more potential customers out of hours if they’re working a similar flexible pattern.

How can Sure Betts HR Help?

I can look at your current practices, make recommendations for change and help you implement that change including coaching your Managers who may be reluctant to make changes to their "tried and tested"


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