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Doing HR Differently :Day 4 of 5: The Staff Survey

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that companies want to know how their people are feeling about their experience of the workplace.

But filling in a long questionnaire online or on paper – it then takes months to analyse the results and for people to see any changes.

Far better to use a bit of software to do regular check ins, but only one question at a time which allows a temperature check and a better way of finding out how people are feeling now, rather than waiting until they’ve resigned and you’re conducting their exit interview…

Do it via an app and people are more likely to spend a few seconds responding like this than putting aside time to log onto a website to do an annual survey.

How can Sure Betts HR Help?

I can source software providers to help you design and deliver your regular check ins and help you put in place quick wins and longer term action plans as well as help you analyse your results.

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