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Project Work

Expert Guidance when you need it with no ongoing commitment.

  • Compliance Review of your existing Contracts and Handbooks - £150

  • Production of Employee Handbook – Basic Policies & Unbranded - £500

  • Production of Employee Handbook – With branding and personalised for your business and written in line with your brand £800

  • Production of Employment Contract Template - £195

  • Production of Personalised Employment Contracts for all your existing employees - £175 to create template + £30 per contract.

I am also able to help you with the following on a project basis:-

  • Recruitment – Advert/Job Description/Show you how your salary and benefits offering compares to other local employers in similar industries/Present you with a longlist of CV’s/Direct targeting of potential candidates/Make a formal offer. Getting me involved means you’re more likely to find the right person who will fit your business and stay with you. Doing this right means that the average Company will save £50,000 per year in the cost of a rehire.

  • Onboarding – Coaching on how to look after your new employee through the first few months of employment so they settle in to the role and feel engaged. Effective onboarding means new joiners will be more productive by month 4 rather than month 6. Meaning they’re less likely to become disengaged and start looking for other opportunities.

  • Managing Short Term and Long Term Sickness – Strategies to help reduce short term sickness, helping long term sick people to come back to work. This keeps productivity up, makes your workforce less likely to want to take a “duvet day”, and prevents short term absences becoming longer term issues.

  • Managing employee issues – No problem is too small, or too big! I will train you and your line managers to spot and prevent potential problems - giving you coaching and helping you resolve issues before they get out of control. This can be both informal techniques, as well as guidance through formal Disciplinary, Capability and Grievance meetings. I also specialise in Redundancy and TUPE transfers. Meaning you’re less likely to end up with the time and cost of defending a claim in an employment tribunal and your managers are less likely to end up destroying your business reputation at Tribunal. The average cost of defending a tribunal in the UK is £8,500 + VAT (even if you win)

  • Communication for Business Success – Helping you work out what values and culture you want, how you want to engage with your workforce and how you will get the right fit from current and future hires Meaning you are less likely to have difficult employees causing you problems as you will hire people who are the right fit for you and will stay with you longer saving you costs of constantly re-hiring (c £50K per annum).

  • Developing your Workforce – helping you work out what skills you need both now and in the future, and how you can train those people in your team who you want to hang on to, to get there. Meaning that you are seen as an employer of choice in the local market and you stay ahead of the competition by thinking about your future needs and you get your workforce to carry out your business plan.

  • Rewarding your Workforce – I can compare your salary and other benefits with the local market place, make recommendations and help implement any changes. Meaning that you are seen as an employer of choice in the local market and can boast about your offering when you’re hiring!

Prices are on application, dependent on the size and scope of your project. Please contact me for a no obligation chat to discuss your needs.

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