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How I do HR differently for my Clients: Day 1 of 5: The Hiring Process

So many hiring and line managers see the job description as a “piece of paper that appeases HR”. On them is listed an onerous long list of every task that the job just might do, and also a long list of “essential” criteria that they need to do the job.

My biggest annoyance with these is it doesn’t give you a flavour of the real role, the culture, or the people and Company that a future employee might be working for. This document needs a revamp and should be at the centre of your recruitment process. Otherwise, how do you know what you’re looking for and if you don’t, chances are you’re dithering around trying to make a decision and make your shortlist jump through hoops whilst your competition is hiring the quality candidates faster.

So what should you do?

Firstly, stop saying “at least 3/4/5 years experience in an X role”. Someone could have 20 years’ experience and be rubbish whereas someone else could have only 1-2 years but be forward thinking and just what you need.

Secondly, if you’re hiring for a HR/IT/Finance/Marketing/Data Protection role, don’t discount candidates who don’t have experience of working in your industry or sector. Professional candidates have valuable experience that can really boost your reputation as an employer and with your customers which is more valuable than having been on a Factory floor before. We can learn the culture and the industry quirks quite quickly, but knowing how an industry works is no substitute for years of professional training and experience.

Thirdly, make the experience you sell your candidates at interview and throughout the hiring process match what the reality is that they will meet from day 1 of employment. If you manage their expectations and don’t just “leave them to get on with it” then they are more likely to stay with you.

Finally, make the document the centre of your recruitment process and then once a candidate is in the role, use it to make sure that the role is doing what you need it to. Focus the entire description on outputs, not a wish list.

How can Sure Betts HR Help?

I can help you design and evaluate your roles, as well as your benefits offering so that when you advertise for a role you as a Company are sold in the right way to prospective candidates and it will make them want to work for you. I can also help and coach your Managers through the selection process helping them to avoid any pitfalls.

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